Fractionated Thulium Laser for Actinic Cheilitis


Treatment of Actinic Cheilitis Using a 1,927-nm Thulium Fractional Laser

The purpose of this research is to establish that actinic cheilitis (a precancerous condition of the lip) can be treated using a 1,927-nm Thulium Fractional Laser - a novel nonablative device with a shallow depth of water absorption and heating. Well established for improvement of color, texture and tone, with maximum sparing of adjacent tissue. This technique had already been proven to improve precancerous areas on the skin (actinic keratoses) - a similar condition to actinic cheilitis.


This single case report indicates that use of the 1,927-nm Thulium Fractional Laser was largely successful. This paient (and others similarly treated) were seen to have significant improvement in the sun damaged keratoses on the lips. More significantly, this treatment also involved fewer side effects than previous actinic cheilitis treatment methods. While further research is necessary to optimize this treatment, the results seen in the study are very promising.

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