Understanding Fractionated Devices


Fractionation: Past, Present, Future

This book chapter examined the development and current use of fractionated laser devices. Fully ablative laser skin resurfacing with either the continuous-wave carbon dioxide (CO2) or erbium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Er:YAG) lasers gained popularity in the 1990s as the standard for facial rejuvenation. However, largely due to the lengthy and unpleasant recovery process, they were generally replaced with non-ablative lasers that, while less damaging, were also far less effective. The Fraxel Re:store was the first fractionated device to be produced, though many other companies are making similar devices at this time. 


This chapter concludes that the science has demonstrated clear efficacy in the treatment of skin surface and textural abnormalities, scarring, rhytids, laxity, and numerous other conditions. With new devices and wavelengths, the applications of this technology continue to grow. The future  remains bright for fractionated laser devices, and the authors embrace what is to come.

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