British Society for Dermatologic Surgery

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dr Zachary was invited to England in July as Plenary Speaker for the British Society for Dermatologic Surgery (BSDS). 

His paper entitled "A View from the Other Side of the Pond" was delivered on Wednesday 10th July to an international group of dermatologic surgeons. 

Since his departure from the UK in 1985, Dr Zachary has seen dramatic changes in the education and ability of British dermatologists in cancer surgery and reconstruction.  "It’s so encouraging to see dermatologic surgery taking center stage, both for the specialty and for the public."

However, there appears an overwhelming attitude that aesthetic medicine (lasers, lights and other devices including toxins and fillers) should play little part in the practicing dermatologist’s life.

Dr Zachary suggested that the BSDS might want to wake up and smell the roses in this regard, given that there is an increasing interest on the part of the lay community to be educated and enjoy the benefits of people 'looking their best'. “To whom should they turn when seeking advice on skin care”?  To ignore this question because ‘it doesn’t meet the stringent medical requirement of proper dermatology misses the point.  However, it’s very understandable, a matter of perspective, not necessarily right or wrong, just different.

Dr Zachary’s lecture focused mainly on devices and their dramatic improvement in performance over the past quarter century. He greatly appreciated the chance to return to the BAD/BSDS and to reacquaint himself with his old colleagues.